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Phishing Email - 'Dear UCLMAIL User,'

A phishing/scam email is currently targeting our members with the Subject "Dear UCLMAIL User," and asking for your Account details so that your Account is not "deactivated". Please remember to never give out your Password, even to our support team.

If you have recieved an Email similar to the above, we recommned Blacklisting the sending address and deleting the Email immedietely. Please do not respond to these Emails, as it will confrim that your Account is open to the spammer and you may recieve more spam emails.

Please remember, do not open emails or attachments if you do not know the sender or if asked for payment details. If you are in any doubt, please don't hesitate to contact our helpdesk.

Originally Written: 28-Feb-2019 16:32, Last Updated: 28-Feb-2019 16:32

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