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Lightning Strike - Service Outage

All storage servers online. Any email sent to your account would have been accepted by our other servers during the outage and will be delivered to you shortly as the servers quickly process the backlog.
No further updates planned, service is now fully online.

2nd mailserver has been restored to working status and the failed storage server has been attended to and is now online.
Remounting into the mail cluster is taking place now. Full access should be restored within minutes.

Still no news on the fate of the unresponsive server. Disaster recovery has started (just in case) by restoring a backup of the data usually stored on it to a reserve server. No estimate on time at this stage.

Datacenter has confirmed there was a surge in power which appears to have caused damage to one of the industrial sized UPS\'s that keep power running to the building in the event of power failures.

Datacenter has confirmed unresponsive server is actually on but we\'re unable to reach it externally.
They\'re investigating possible causes now.

As with any outage, inbound email will have been queued and will be delivered in due course.
Still awaiting information on the one server that has gone down.

Lightning strike hit the powerlines entering the building causing the powerbreakers to overload. The UPS systems appear to have worked in that the servers themselves remained online but it knocked out portions of the datacenter network.

Our datacenter has been directly struck by lightning causing the entire power system to trip. Back on however we\'re still trying to determine the status of at least one of the servers which hasn\'t powered back up.

The network issue has caused two storage servers to need remounting. Should be fully online in a few minutes.

14:50 - 14:55
An intermittent issue with the network caused access to be restricted during this 5 minute period.

Originally Written: 12-Mar-2010 16:33, Last Updated: 06-Nov-2014 12:29

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