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Nine Mohawk College Experiments by David Cash Ph.D.
(Professor, Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology, Retired)

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David Cash, March 2007

Professor Cash, March 2007

Nine Mohawk College Experiments by David Cash

Scroll below to read descriptions of these Nine Chemistry Experiments which were created for Mohawk College laboratory courses in General Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry. Each experiment may be downloaded in the form of a linked pdf file.

  1. Spectroscopy 1
  2. Paper Chromatography
  3. Thin Layer Chromatography
  4. Dyes and Dyeing
  5. Polymers
  6. Spectroscopy 2
  7. pH Meter
  8. EDTA 1
  9. EDTA 2
You may have free use of this material, with suitable credit to Mohawk College. There are many more experiments available in my laboratory manuals. If you email me at either address given above, I will send you lists of the full manual contents by return email.

Spectroscopy 1

The Spectronic 20 and Allura Red Solutions

1. Spectroscopy 1

Title: Spectrometry: Absorbance of Visible Light by a Food Colour Dye

Content: Introduction to Spectroscopy; Introduction to the Spectronic 20; The Food Dye Allura Red (Red # 40); The Calibration Curve Method; Introduction to Plotting; Dilution; Analysis of Red # 40 in Cherry Kool Aid and Cherry Cough Drops

File Details: Spectroscopy1.pdf (326 kB) Download

Paper Chromatography

A Paper Chromatogram

2. Paper Chromatography

Title: Paper Chromatography of Food Colour Dyes

Content: Introduction to Chromatography; Paper Chromatography of Food Dyes; Rf Calculations

File Details: PaperChromatography.pdf (96 kB) Download

Thin Layer Chromatography

The Development of a Chromatogram

3. Thin Layer Chromatography

Title: Thin Layer Chromatography of Food Colour Dyes

Content: Introduction to Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC); Practical TLC; TLC of Food Dyes; Rf Calculations

File Details:
ThinLayerChromatography.pdf (120 kB) Download

Dyes and Dyeing

Dyed Multifiber Ribbons

4. Dyes and Dyeing

Title: Synthesis and Use of Fabric Dyes

Synthesis of Orange II; Synthesis of Indigo; The Multifiber Ribbon; Dyeing with Orange II, Indigo, and Kool Aid

File Details: DyesandDyeing.pdf (118 kB) Download


The Synthesis of Sodium Polyacrylate

5. Polymers

Title: Polymer Exercises

Content: Synthesis of a Linear Polyester; An Epoxy Resin; A Cross-Linked Polyvinyl Acetate; A Superabsorbant Polyacrylic Acid; The WonderVase (Glass Transition Temperature); Superhigh Molecular Weight Polyethylene Oxide

File Details: Polymers.pdf (103 kB) Download

Spectroscopy 2

The Complex of Ferric Ion and Salicylate Ion

6. Spectroscopy 2

Title: Spectrophotometry: Analysis of the ASA content of a Tablet by Use of the Beer-Lambert Law

Content: Complex Ions; Spectrometry; Calibration Curve Method; Plotting; Use of the Spectronic 20; Analysis of ASA in a Tablet

File Details: Spectroscopy2.pdf (365 kB) Download

pH Meter

A Digital pH Meter
and a Combination Electrode

7. pH Meter

Title: The pH Meter: Calibration of a pH Meter and Titration Curve Applications

Content: Calibration and Use of a Digital pH Meter; Introduction to Gravimetric Titration; Plotting Titration Curves of pH versus Mass of Titrant; Using Titration Curves

File Details: pHMeter.pdf (783 kB) Download


Dissolving Pure Zinc Metal

8. EDTA 1

Title: Complexometric Titration (1): Standardization of an EDTA Solution with Zinc Ion Solution and Analysis of Zinc Supplement Tablets

Content: Titration Analysis; EDTA Titrations; Standardization of an EDTA Solution with a Standard Zinc Solution; Analysis of a Zinc Supplement Tablet

File Details: EDTA1.pdf (164 kB) Download


Reading a Buret Level

9. EDTA 2

Title: Complexometric Titration (2): Use of an EDTA Solution to Analyse for Calcium and Magnesium and to Determine the Total Hardness of Tap Water

Content: Titration Analysis; EDTA Titrations; Determination of the Magnesium in Epsom Salt; Analysis of a Calcium Citrate Supplement Tablet; EDTA Determination of the Hardness of Tap Water

File Details: EDTA2.pdf (199 kB) Download