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What is IMAP? The IMAP protocol is generally regarded as superior but can struggle to run effectively over a slow connection. With IMAP you are presented with a "window" into your email account. Message data is only downloaded on emails you wish to read which means a constant connection is required. Wherever you are and whatever client you use you will always see the same view of your folders.


What is POP? When using the POP protocol a client connects to the UCLMail mail server, retrieves emails from the Inbox and then either deletes the emails from the server or leaves them there depending on your client settings. The main advantage of POP is that it is faster over slower connections and allows you to dial-up, download, disconnect and then read and compose your emails offline. POP is limited to only inspecting the contents of the Inbox and cannot see the other folders that you may have on your account.

POP is recommended for users with a slower connection and who use only one computer to view their email. Please note that once emails are removed from the server you are unable to access them on other computers or via webmail.  

In addition, emails removed from the server in this way are not backed up by us, so we will be unable to retrieve any for you.

A paid account is required to access your emails using IMAP/POP.