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Robert C. J. Steele


Ph.D., Bristol Isotope Group, University of Bristol


Thesis title: Tracing Signatures of Discrete Nucleosynthetic Contributions to the Early Solar System Using Nickel Isotopes

Advisors: Prof. Tim Elliott, Dr. Christopher D. Coath and Prof. Sara Russell

M.Sc. Distinction, Royal Holloway, University of London


Thesis title: Hengill Central Volcano: its Relationship to the Icelandic Western Rift Zone

Advisor: Prof. Matthew Thirlwall

M.Sci. Geology 2:1 (Hons), University College London


Thesis title: The Hellenic Arc: Evolution of Magmatic Processes and Products

Advisor: Dr. Ruth Siddall


Research Officer, University of St Andrews


Research Areas: Formation of solar systems.

Teaching: Statistics for Geochemists (ES5031, module coordinator)

Management of STAiG Analytical Facility

Postdoctoral Research Assistant, ETH Zurich


Research Areas: Chromium isotope anomalies in meteorites and archean terrestrial samples: implications for Earth's accretion and differentiation

Supervisor: Prof. Maria Schonbachler

Postdoctoral Research Assistant, Ion Probe Group, UCLA


Research Areas: Short-lived radionuclide abundances in the early Solar System, origins of isotopic heterogeneity in the early Solar System, development of ion microprobe techniques for measurement of novel high-precision isotope ratios in meteoritic materials.

Supervisor: Prof. Kevin McKeegan

Lab Assistant, London Geochronology Centre, UCL


Duties: preparing rock samples for fission track analysis by crushing and milling and density separation by Wilfley table and heavy liquid separation.

Supervisor: Prof. Andy Carter


Geological Society of London, Fellow


The Geochemical Society, Member


Community Activities

Reviewer I act as a reviewer for a number of high impact, international journals including: Science, Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta and Earth and Planetary Science Letters.

Proposal Reviewer I review proposals for prestigious funding bodies, for example NASA.

Dwornik Judge I act as a judge for the Dwornik Student Award at the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.

Gordon Research Conference Attendee Origins of Solar Systems. 2011, 2013, 2015

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