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Libraries with books on astronomy in Leicestershire.

Leicester Abbey

A catalogue of the books in the library at Leicester Abbey survives and it included books on astronomy and astronomical instruments such as astrolabes.

Catalogue of Leicester Abbey, Nichols, Vol 1 pt 2 Appendix p105
Astronomical books and instruments in Leicester Abbey Library (Nichols, 1815)

Leicester Permanent Library

The 1885 catalogue lists around thirty books on astronomy including titles by Airy, Herschel, Lockyer and Pearson.

The cost of subscriptions to the library meant that it was only available to those on higher incomes.

The General News Room, Granby Street, Leicester.
The General News Room, Granby Street, Leicester
Site of Permanent Library, Granby Street, Leicester.
The site of the Permanent Library in Granby Street in 2013

Leicester Mechanics' Institute

Leicester Mechanics' Institute was founded in 1833. It closed in January 1871 and the books were given to the Central Library.

New Hall, site of the Mechanics Institute
New Hall, Wellington Street, used by Leicester Mechanics' Institute.

The 1860 catalogue lists a celestial globe and several books on astronomy, including one by Herschel.

In 1844 Alfred Russel Wallace (1823–1913) met Henry Walter Bates (1825–1892) by chance, in the Library of the Mechanics' Institute. They are commemorated on a plaque at New Walk Museum.

Current Libraries.

University of Leicester Library is an academic library. Residents of the City of Leicester can use it as a reference library.

Public Libraries

These have a range of books on astronomy for the general reader.

City of Leicester libraries

Leicestershire County Council libraries

Libraries in Leicester

Over the centuries libraries have been founded, closed and books moved as new libraries opened. In addition to libraries associated with public institutions, printers and booksellers ran libraries which subscribers paid to use. These are beyond the scope of this site.

Dates of libraries mentioned on this page:

Municipal Library, Bishop Street, Leicester.
Municipal Library, Bishop Street, Leicester.
  • Free Library, Wellington Street, 1870, moved to Bishop Street, 1905
    • Branches:
      • Garendon Street, 17 June, 1883
      • Westcotes Free Library, Narborough Road, 25 March, 1889
      • Aylestone, Richmond Road, 9 April, 1896
      • Knighton, Clarendon Park Road, 9 April, 1896
      • Belgrave, Cossington Street, 19 October, 1897
      • Woodgate, 28 October, 1898


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