David Boniface - Statistician

Welcome to my statistics web page.

I am a semi-retired statistician with 30 years experience of statistical work as a university lecturer and researcher experienced in a range of statistical techniques. In addition I have worked as an independent consultant for many organisations.


I qualified in mathematics and mathematical physics at the University of Edinburgh. Subsequently I obtained masters degrees in statistics at the London School of Economics and in psychology at the University of London Institute of Education. I have obtained Chartered Statistician status from the Royal Statistical Society and Graduate Membership of the British Psychological Society.


I started my working life as a mathematician and computer specialist but soon discovered ‘Statistics’ and knew immediately that I wanted to become a Statistician.

I worked for the Medical Research Council as a statistician for five years, and as Head of Statistics at the University of Hertfordshire (UH) for 12 years. While at UH I founded the Statistical Services and Consultancy Unit for UH and wrote a popular text book on statistics which has sold nearly 2000 copies.

For the last ten years I have worked as statistician/researcher at University College London where I was author, with colleagues, of some 30 research papers. Now that I am semi-retired I enjoy taking on a wide variety of statistical projects as an independent consultant.

Contact Details

020 7226 1023

07761 571 384



I have expertise and practical experience of most of the main methods of statistical design, analysis and interpretation.
The techniques I regularly apply include:

  • Summarising data into tables, graphs and charts
  • Obtaining best estimates with confidence intervals
  • Fitting statistical models in order to describe data and make predictions
  • Dealing with longitudinal or repeated measurements
  • Estimating missing values in a data set
  • Analysis of survival data
  • Identifying underlying factors or constructs hidden in a set of measurements
  • Tests of statistical comparisons
  • Design of surveys and experiments including estimate of the appropriate sample size
  • Interpreting the results of statistical analyses for use by non-specialists

Examples of contracts I have carried out successfully in recent years include:

Eastman Dental Institute, London July 2013 – Aug 2019 Statistical support for wide range of dental research projects.
John Stonehouse Consulting Ltd. July 2017 Analysis of probability of numbers of water main bursts in given stretch of road in Newcastle.
European Blood and Marrow Transplant Assn. Feb 2016 Analysis of EBMT annual conference registrations.
PiC - Performance in Context May 2015 Examination of alternative measures of diversity in UK law firms.
NHS Health Education Kent, Surrey and Sussex March 2015 Survey of residents’ daily tooth care in care homes in Kent.
Birkbeck College (University of London) Jan 2013 Statistical analyses for investigation of strategies and activities of multinational IT corporations.
Advertising Standards Authority January 2010-ongoing Several reviews of design and analysis of product trials, health claims etc.
Legal Department, Kent County Council February 2009 Expert witness work in connection with reliability of disputed determinations of child age assessment methods.
John Fuller & Partners Ltd August 2009 Review of police crime statistics.
Matrix Evidence Ltd, Moorgate, London March 2008 Statistical support for survey work.
Crawford & Co, International loss adjusters October 2008 Independent statistical review of disputed insurance claim.
Building Research Establishment (BRE) November 2007 Advising on methods for researching aircraft cabin noise for Boeing Aircraft Company.
Hertfordshire Police June 2001 Design, analysis and report of survey of police stop and search activity.