pyqt4 4.11 and sip 4.16.1

Cannot find "QtCore/QtCoremod.sip"

Added CMAKE option:

-D PYQT4_SIP_DIR=%p/share/sip-py%type_pkg[python]/pyqt4-mac

Q_PID is undefined


%If (WS_X11 || WS_MACX)
typedef qint64 Q_PID;

Added CMAKE option:


QHttp is undefined

QHttp is OBSOLETE as of Qt 4.8, but is supported for compatibility purpose. The existence of a file qgis-2.2.0/python/qsci_apis/PyQt4-4.7.4.api implies QGIS developers use PyQt4-4.7.4. Fink's Qt version is 4.8.6.

Added CMAKE option:

-D SIP_TAGS='WS_MACX Qt_4_8_6'

Giving an option two values separated by a space to cmake doesn't work. So, modified the corresponding file:

PatchScript: <<
#!/bin/bash -ev
    perl -pi -e "s/SET\(SIP_TAGS\)/SET(SIP_TAGS WS_MACX Qt_4_8_6)/" cmake/SIPMacros.cmake

Python console plugin depends on pyqtconfig, which has been removed since PyQt4 4.10.

perl -pi -e "s|from PyQt4 import pyqtconfig||" python/console/
perl -pi -e "s|pyqtconfig\.Configuration\(\)\.qt_version >= 0x40700|true|" python/console/