Yoshihiko Baba is a PhD Candidate at Tohoku University School of Medicine. He gained his BSc from Kyoto University and MPhil from Bartlett School of Planning, UCL.

His research interest is in Community Rehabilitation to Increase Physical Activity of the Elderly and Its Effects with Epecial emphasis on Activity and Participation.

Before he came back to academia, Baba has worked in the built environment for four years in Japan. He has worked at private companies as well as Kyoto Center for Community Collaboration. He also volunteers many projects, including Rissei District Machizukuri Committee. Baba is also a supporter of Free Software and has volunteered at Tokyo Linux Users Group and Fink Project.

Welcome to My Personal Webpage

Welcome to a personal website of BABA Yoshihiko. The Site has three sections: Research, Projects, Software. For details, click the link to the section.


当サイトは馬場美彦の個人ページです。 本サイト内には以下の3つのセクションがあります: Research, Projects, Software. 詳細は、各セクションへのリンクをクリックしてください。

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